Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dissension Among the Ranks.

Apparently a (1) "Colette Brunel" from a very shitty game whose name I won’t mention, decided Alice was doing a shit job. This led her to start her own shitty thread. It seems the people Alice had neglected because of her drug addiction rose up and supported Colette.This thread sparked a reaction, just as the trolls had intended.  (2) "Rin Kagamine" The famed slut-whore of Vocaloid jumped right on the troll train and decided to troll even harder than was initially predicted or even intended. Alice took the bait and raged hard, spamming large paraphrased posts to defend herself. Reality is, she was really just making a fool of herself and being obvious troll-bait.

When asked for a quote, Rin simply said "I will continue doing what I've been doing"
Collete could not be reached for a quote.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Alice Margatroid.

Alice was very gracious and accepting in giving me an interview. The following is a short bio and some of the bullet points of what we talked about.

Name: Ikakura Izumi
Previous Names: Melanie Maye.

Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Black
Ethnicity: Korean/Japanese.
Address: (EST)
Phone Number: N/a
Birthday: May 17, 1993.
Birthsign: Taurus

"For every flower trampled, plant two"

-Well if you kept doing that, wouldnt you
end up trampling your own flowers?

Sees herself as the succesor of Alice1 and
strives to do better then the old one. Despite
never had met her. Seems slightly arrogant, Maybe she has some sort of god complex?

Has a girlfriend, but wont openly declare it
unless she meets them in person. (accurate as of
may 06 2011)

Apparently she has very vivid and passionate love with said girlfriend. "Me, my partner, a garden hoe... and a dog". I did not ask any further.

Burn Victim. Risked her life to save the tenants
of her apartment building when it caught fire.

Currently a "Pain Patient"
Taking Vicodin for burns and a recently extracted
wisdom tooth. Might be a front for some sort of
drug addiction. Not entirely sure.

Likes to see herself as private. Keeps to
herself. Maybe some self confidence issues or

Has a perverted mind and jumps to conclusions.
Hobbies as a programmer. Enjoys video games and
programming for videogames. Is computer

Is handing out "Kamina Glasses" to anyone who
wants them for her "Valentines day project". Just

Deals with simple drama with radical extreemes,
Handling one persons cry for attention with
cutting herself.

Bone marrow infection caused by "Lack of skin" recently hospitalized her. Most likely another front for her now apparent drug addiction. Using this as an excuse to rally those around her as she spent the weekend in rehab.

Despite the apparent rumors: "Alice" lives in Abbottabad, in a hidden compound." This simply is not true.