Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dissension Among the Ranks.

Apparently a (1) "Colette Brunel" from a very shitty game whose name I won’t mention, decided Alice was doing a shit job. This led her to start her own shitty thread. It seems the people Alice had neglected because of her drug addiction rose up and supported Colette.This thread sparked a reaction, just as the trolls had intended.  (2) "Rin Kagamine" The famed slut-whore of Vocaloid jumped right on the troll train and decided to troll even harder than was initially predicted or even intended. Alice took the bait and raged hard, spamming large paraphrased posts to defend herself. Reality is, she was really just making a fool of herself and being obvious troll-bait.

When asked for a quote, Rin simply said "I will continue doing what I've been doing"
Collete could not be reached for a quote.

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